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Dare Dorm11

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Horny college girl Tammy and her friend. Tammy and her friend is at their dorm on the bunk bed. Tammy is wearing a bandanna on her forehead and eyeglasses. She strips off all of her clothes showing her firm tits and perky nipples. She sits down on the bunk bed and rest her back on the wall and spreads her legs wide open in front of her partner and gets her wet pussy eaten. Beside Tammy, is her friend wearing a black top, yellow bra, and yellow and black thigh high socks. She lies down on the bed and takes off her pants and panties and also gets her pussy eaten.

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Angel Cassidy

Dare Dorm8

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Angel Cassidy and her three college girlfriends fall in line to get their pussy licked. The girls strips off their clothes revealing their sexy bodies, tits and shaved pussy. They’re at their dorm room having an orgy.  The ladies fall in line and lies naked on their bed with black sheets. The blonde chick open her pink blouse showing her tits and cover her face while her wet pussy gets licked and the girl on her left also gets her pussy licked. The brunette who is wearing a colorful knee high sock has tan lines on her breast and was smiling on her friend.

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